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There's no shortage of financial advice out there.

Here's what sets Beacon apart.

Ron Robins founded Beacon Financial Advisors to provide a select group of clients with personalized financial advice and superior service.

In contrast to the trend of many financial services providers to become bigger, more impersonal, and sell products that involve special promotional relationships, Ron chose to work independently in order to provide clients with high levels of service and unbiased investment recommendations.

At Beacon, we take great pride in our independence, integrity, and expertise in guiding clients through even the most complicated financial questions. See below for more details about what sets us apart.

We Are Independent

There is no bank, brokerage, or insurance company lurking in the background that pays our rent or incentivizes us to recommend their investments. We give advice based solely on our clients' best interests and our own judgment.

Our business has prospered because of this approach and the outcomes it's achieved for our clients, not because of a flashy brand name hanging on our front door.

We Specialize in Solving Complex Problems

We specialize in helping families and individuals make sense of complex financial situations and implement a thorough long-term plan. The devil is always in the details, and we take the time to dig into the financial implications of those details.

This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Business Interests
  • Executive Compensation
  • Family Trusts
  • Retirement Plans
  • Divorce
  • Second Marriages & Families
  • Inheritances

We devote the time and attention required to ensure that you get the detailed and accurate plan you deserve.

We're Here for You

No 1-800 numbers, no waiting on hold, no emails and faxes sent into the abyss never to be heard from again. Give us a call; we'll know who you are, not just what your account number is.

Ask us as many questions as your heart desires, we're here to help you navigate life's important financial decisions and explain the numbers in layman's terms.

We Take Integrity Seriously

Ron founded Beacon to ensure his interests as a financial advisor were aligned with those of his clients. As a Registered Investment Adviser, we have a fiduciary duty to act at all times in the best interest of our clients, and we take this responsibility with the utmost sincerity.

We're not stock brokers looking for a quick commission before we move on to the next trade; we pride ourselves on becoming our clients' long term partners.

If you think you'd benefit from working with Beacon or just want to learn more, we'd welcome the opportunity to meet with you for an initial consultation. There's no cost and absolutely no obligation.